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An artistic dance theater on the theme of encounters that explores the individual in the context of society, man, technology and nature

In a three-week rehearsal process, the ensemble VoLA Stage Art delves into the theme of ENCOUNTERS on different levels, artistically and through dance and acrobatics, and develops a production of approximately one hour, which will premiere on February 22, 2023 in the Waschhaus Potsdam.

Wer bist du? Wer bin ich? Wer sind wir? Fragen, so alt wie die Menschheit.

Alone - Together - Together - Alone

Encounters - Plakat 2 VORSCHAU.jpg

Are we together a part of a greater whole or is the individual lost in society? Can we do it alone or only together? And is every single building block really important to hold a structure together? And what is the goal of all the striving, the further development, the always more-more-more?

Who writes the rules?

Man, Technology, Nature, God?

The first level of encounters that the ensemble artistically explores is the interpersonal level: this is about direct contact with the other, about trust, being carried and supporting each other, about our human need for emotional security as the basis for our self-expression. This is symbolized by the partner and group acrobatics on the floor, by the bodies meeting, carrying, embracing each other and synchronizing in dance.

As a second level, the performers explore relationships on a structural level: symbolized by staffs. The performers have staffs, and these represent the possibility of contributing to the social structure. Just as the staff has two ends, this influence on the community can be exercised either through control and power or through empathy and love. In the best case, society supports and sustains us, but exclusions and struggles for one's place within the structure always occur.

The performers assemble the rods into solid structures. One of the most stable structures is a tetrahedron. The shape of the tetrahedron is nature's basic building block of life. In 2021, the ensemble has already dealt intensively with this special construct in a project that was under the patronage of the Minister of Culture of the State of Brandenburg, Dr. Manja Schüle.


The piece ENCOUNTERS is the further development of this theme.


In contrast to the rods and the tetrahedron, the circle stands as a self-contained unit. Through Cyr Wheel artistry, the element of independence is also explored: how independent can the individual be in the grand scheme of things? And isn't a certain degree of independence also a prerequisite for a successful encounter?


The third level on which encounter takes place is the ideal and spiritual level: this is represented by aerial artistry, by floating, being in between and rising above. This spiritual level is also about visions, values and rising above the material and worldly things.

ENCOUNTERS – an artistic dance theater of the Company VoLA



Anett Simmen


Choreographic Assistance:

Karla Lorena Mendoza Cabrera


Assistance rehearsals:

Renata Vohnick


Prop Design:

Ramlal Tien


Prop Construction:

Ramlal Tien, Karl Bésuelle, Willy Cauwelier, Kisa Kirsten Sauer



Eunike Riez



RH Solution GmbH Ronny Horning, Alexander Kusmak


Theater Pedagogy:

Anja Grossklaus


Scientific advice in the resaerch process:

Dr. Daniel Burow


Research scenes tetrahedron:

Eduard Anselm, Marie Juli Roehl, Leandra Giese, Johanna Jacob, Leonie Pfitzer, Kerstin Oschabnig, Chiara Fersini, Iris Gonzalez Crespo, Carolin Liesegang, Laya Meulshagen, Alexander Hildmann, Magda Reimann, Karla Lorena Mendoza Cabrera,


Coaching folding tetrahedron:

Carlos Zaspel



Kerstin Oschabnig, Evan Cohen, Chiara Fersini, Iris Gonzalez Crespo, Carolin Liesegang, Laya Meulshagen, Nadja Hawranek, Yuliia Mosienko, Olha Mosienko, Renata Vohnick



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