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Contemporary Dance- und Physical Theatre mit VoLA Stage Art

VoLA Stage Art consists of international performers from the fields of acrobatics, performance and dance and is directed by Anett Simmen. As a director, she combines artistry, acrobatics, dance theater and the art of "vertical and flying dance" in her contemporary stage productions. VoLA as a synonym for flying is the motto of this great ensemble.


In the new production Encounters, flying also stands for the spiritual plane in which one can escape social and material constraints while floating. After all, aren't we often reduced to appearances and brought to the brink of despair by the flood of information?


ENCOUNTERS, a production between theater and show - modern, urban and with breathtaking artistry, shows moments of encounter from person to person. Especially in our digital age, where virtual spaces are more frequent than real touches, where people live in their own bubble not only in corona time and hate speech via social media platforms becomes normality, we need personal encounters. Dance-wise, the three levels of encounter are danced in a three-dimensional VoLA way.


Be surprised by us, the ensemble of VoLA Stage Art and meet us on all levels. Voila!


For those interested, there is an audience discussion after the premiere and at the school performances with the director, two performers and a theater pedagogue. Preparatory or follow-up workshops can be booked upon request.

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